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Set in North Gate City, this campaign is centered around the story of a group of well meaning “Problem Solvers” for hire. Set in a pseudo-modern era, advances in magic and technology have enabled the construction of massive cities, and expanded the use of artificial “artifact” magic to the general public.

In order to deal with the sharp upswing of population, the city of North Gate was divided into districts, and separated by large well guarded walls, separating the upper and lower class. Sanctions were also placed on the majority of artifacts, restricting citizens to the use of “comfort” magics, largely disarming the lower and middle classes.

The resulting power disparity allowed for the upper class to maintain control of the city’s primary functions, but also expanded the gap between the classes, forcing most citizens into lawless slums, or ejecting them from the city altogether, leaving them unprotected against the creatures of the surrounding wilds.

As with any densely populated area, there are bound to be a few crazies, and the occasional monster that slips through here and there. Crime and murder rates soared after the walls were built, and attempts to fully disarm citizens were a massive failure. Security checks prevent weapons from moving into the city, or through major checkpoints, but do little to detect magic users.

Magic users are required to register with the city guard, and most receive tracers which leave imprints behind magics they perform. However, a large number of magic users simply chose to keep their magic secret, only using it in private or in the presence of trusted family and friends. Those that are captured and refuse to accept a Tracer are taken to the maximum security Black Keep Prison. Most are never heard from again.

Unable to adequately police such a large city effectively, special Peacekeeper Permits were given to select citizens, which allowed them to carry weaponry within the city walls. While these permits allowed for weaponry, they did not expressly allow for their use, nor did they restrict it. This lead the majority of Peacekeepers to group together as either “Problem Solvers”, detectives, or hired muscle / bodyguards. Unable to use their weapons publicly without fear of being arrested, the majority of Peacekeeper work is done under the table, and is generally paid anonymously in advance.

Our heroes start in a small two-story building on Nest Dim, a dirty back-alley street, where they operate a discrete “Problem Solving” service. Money is tight, and as a more-or-less unrecognized group, work has been very slow. As it stands, our heroes are living out of the second story of the building, unable to pay individual rents for housing. Their setup is exceedingly basic, but works well enough to handle most small jobs.

If they want to survive, they will have to take on some dangerous jobs in the near future.

Main Page

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